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11m/SWL - Radio station
dxcc Italy
Grid: JN45PN
Watch SSTV on 11 meters

Enjoy analog Slow Scan Television received in real time when I let my equipment run. Monitored frequencies for DX activity are 27.700 MHz USB (CQ call), 27.420 MHz USB (Australian Operators) or even 27.305 MHz FM/USB (Citizen's Band).An SSTV cam may come in handy every time you want to check where your transmissions are being received, verify image slant or monitor band openings.

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PLEASE NOTE - 27.700 Mhz is the frequency internationally accepted for analog SSTV whereas 27.720 or .730 MHz should be used for DRM (D-SSTV). Be polite and don't raise hell. To maintain QRM as low as possible avoid DRM transmissions on 27.700 MHz when the frequency is crowded. Live SSTV over the Internet by means of this website is not 24/7 but subject to band openings and my availability of spare time as I don't stand by my radio and computer all the time. In addition, there are situations in which I may choose to do SSTV without necessarily going online and this usually occurs during tests or a local QSO. Finally remember, in spite of all automations and all software capabilities I do always decide on what to display here and what is to be quashed 'on the fly'. You are invited to read the DISCLAIMER to learn more.

On behalf of Sierra Fox Int'l DX Group I want to point out that the aim of SSTV is a QSO rather than flooding websites like this with junk pictures every time the band is open. Unfortunately, a few operators act like frustrated kids but *you* today can make a difference so *p l e a s e*, don't use profanity addressed to anyone and don't iterate transmissions continuously without a clear CQ call. Always leave a blank after each transmission and never overlap/jam intentionally other stations. This website has not been created just for convenience of one single user. Hence, we don't particularly care about harvesting pictures of yours only. After all, nobody's more special than anyone else; however, we recognize a**hats on the fly. That said, be corteous, have a fair conduct, and also, have some fun. Always return all the reports you get from stations instead of kinda watching your images once they get posted on websites like this. Remember, this is not Instagram.
   The aim of SSTV is a QSO.
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