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11m/SWL - Radio station
dxcc Italy
Grid: JN45PN
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Welcome to SWLogger

An x86-64 "quick 'n easy" logging application designed for BCL and shortwave listeners.

I think I heard every sort of oddity during the glory days of shortwave transmissions; the only one thing I can't clearly recall is when everything has started out. I have a lot of confusing memories after decades (and thousands of hours) of interval signals, numbers stations, clandestine, foreign and domestic broadcasters, however, I think that the very first time I heard some mysterious voices coming from a loudspeaker was in my cradle when I was less than 1 year old! Nevertheless, today most of the good times of the shortwave era have gone and sadly, neither the Internet streaming nor the cell phone will give me the magic of a fading signal back. The magic of a distant voice coming from the speaker of an old tube radio is emotionally unreachable by all modern and 'cold' digital means. I think of the shortwave spectrum as an endless ocean, in which I believe it still remains a lot to listen to, even nowadays. Digital transmissions have opened up new horizons and the passion will never extinguish so I decided to build an application software to easily log what you can still catch today on shortwave. This piece of software is for you and I called it SWLogger. I developed this application with Visual Studio and it is an easy-to-use portable application; it was designed for SWLs by a SWL. No installation is required, just launch it and log your stations. SWLogger has assignable buttons to be used with other applications e.g., an audio recorder, QRSS viewers, Ham Radio Deluxe, EIBIview and many others. This program is freeware as long as you will keep it for personal use and leave all credits unaltered. Any commercial use of SWLogger is strictly prohibited. That's it, I wish you all plenty of DX and enthusiasm, I hope you're gonna have good times. Thank you for your kind attention. All the best, 73.

System requirements:

This program will run flawlessly on Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista, all 32 or 64-bit versions. To run on Windows 7 and Vista SWLogger requires .NET 4 or 4.5 installed on your computer. SWLogger won't run on Windows XP, sorry.

SWLogger v1.0 © 2014 to forever, 1SFØ72 (IZ2158SWL). All rights reserved.
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Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8,
Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP2,
(OS may be 32 or 64-bit version)
.NET Framework 4.5.1
            DOWNLOAD SWLogger v1.0 x86-64
(executable file + manual, compressed zip archive)
                SWLogger v1.0
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